NANO 3 Grinder Carrying Kit Bag

Sale price60.000 KWD



This kit isn't just for pretending you're off to a highbrow, executive meeting with your suitcase, this is about having the capabilities of brewing great coffee on the go. Of course you can take it to work and brew for your colleagues too (albeit small batches at a time!)

This lightweight kit is just what the barista world has been waiting for, a quality, travel kit that is not only reliable but has the wow factor and does the job well too.

You might recognise the grinder, it's the Nano 3. Pocket sized at just under 13cm in height with a flick out handle and a capacity of 15-18g. If pour over, french press or Aeropress are your thing, this is a perfect companion.


    • Black Metal Nano 3 grinder with stainless steel S2C burrs (spike to cut)
    • Small Crystal Eye plastic dripper size 0
    • 3 Metallic Bean jars with screw on lids 15g capacity
    • 300ml Fish kettle
    • 50pcs V00 filter paper
    • Lightweight case made from neoprene type material
    • Total weight of kit 1.35kg
  • Please note - this kettle is not made for use on a hob of any kind! 

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