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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Tea Dripper Largo 350ml SetTea Dripper Largo 350ml Set
Sale price24.000 KWD
Tea Dripper Largo 350ml SetHario
Tea Dripper Largo 350mlTea Dripper Largo 350ml
Sale price14.500 KWD
Tea Dripper Largo 350mlHario
Tea Dripper LargoTea Dripper Largo
Sale price15.500 KWD
Tea Dripper LargoHario
One Cup Tea Maker Natural BlackOne Cup Tea Maker Natural Black
Notneutral Cala Teacup and Saucer
Tea Server With Strainer 450mlTea Server With Strainer 450ml
Tea Server With Strainer 700mlTea Server With Strainer 700ml
Notneutral Cala Teapot
Sale price18.500 KWD
Notneutral Cala TeapotNotneutral
One Cup Tea Maker Natural WhiteOne Cup Tea Maker Natural White
Tea Pitcher 700mlTea Pitcher 700ml
Sale price19.000 KWD
Tea Pitcher 700mlHario
Glass Ksuyu 700mlGlass Ksuyu 700ml
Sale price23.500 KWD
Glass Ksuyu 700mlHario
Stick Bottle 350ml GreyStick Bottle 350ml Grey
Sale price10.000 KWD
Stick Bottle 350ml GreyHario
Tea Pitcher 450mlTea Pitcher 450ml
Sale price17.000 KWD
Tea Pitcher 450mlHario
Notneutral Cala 3oz Tasting Cup
Notneutral Cala 6oz Tasting Cup
V60 Measuring Spoon 12mgV60 Measuring Spoon 12mg
Sale price6.000 KWD
V60 Measuring Spoon 12mgHario
Stick Bottle 350ml BlackStick Bottle 350ml Black
Sale price10.000 KWD
Stick Bottle 350ml BlackHario

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