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Showing 1 - 33 of 33 products
Paper FiltersPaper Filters
Timemore Paper Filters
Sale priceFrom 2.000 KWD
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FISH Smart Electric Pour-over Kettle 600mlFISH Smart Electric Pour-over Kettle 600ml
U French PressU French Press
Timemore U French Press
Sale price7.500 KWD
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PCTG Crystal Eye dripper 01PCTG Crystal Eye dripper 01
Chestnut C/C2 Coffee GrinderChestnut C/C2 Coffee Grinder
PCTG Crystal Eye dripper 00PCTG Crystal Eye dripper 00
Fish Pour Over KettleFish Pour Over Kettle
Timemore Fish Pour Over Kettle
Sale price17.000 KWD
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Fish Pour-over Kettle 600ml - BlackFish Pour-over Kettle 600ml - Black
Fish 03 Pour-over Electric Kettle 800ml - BlackFish 03 Pour-over Electric Kettle 800ml - Black
PCTG Crystal Eye dripper 02PCTG Crystal Eye dripper 02
Paper Filter For ice DripperPaper Filter For ice Dripper
Thermometer Stick - WhiteThermometer Stick - White
Timemore Thermometer Stick - White
Sale price3.000 KWD
Ice Dripper SetIce Dripper Set
Timemore Ice Dripper Set
Sale price22.000 KWD
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Coffee Server 360ml - Transparent BlackCoffee Server 360ml - Transparent Black
NANO Espresso Scale - WhiteNANO Espresso Scale - White
Advanced Grinder 123 Go (Titanium Version) with Carry BagAdvanced Grinder 123 Go (Titanium Version) with Carry Bag
Magic Cube Portafilter StandMagic Cube Portafilter Stand
Fish Pour-over Kettle 600ml - WhiteFish Pour-over Kettle 600ml - White
Crystal Eye Dripper 01 - Transparent BlackCrystal Eye Dripper 01 - Transparent Black
Chestnut C3 Manual Coffee Grinder - WhiteChestnut C3 Manual Coffee Grinder - White
Fish Pour-over Kettle 300ml - WhiteFish Pour-over Kettle 300ml - White
Icicle Cold Brewer - WhiteIcicle Cold Brewer - White
Timemore Icicle Cold Brewer - White
Sale price12.000 KWD
Scale Black Mirror Basic 2 - Black
Paper Filter 01 for B75Paper Filter 01 for B75
Timemore Paper Filter 01 for B75
Sale price1.750 KWD
Grinder Go with Carry BagGrinder Go with Carry Bag
Timemore Grinder Go with Carry Bag
Sale price45.000 KWD
Fish Smart Pro Kettle - 900mlFish Smart Pro Kettle - 900ml
Crystal Eye B75 Dripper PCTG - Transparent
Crystal Eye B75 Dripper PCTG - Amber black
123 GO Grinder with Carry Bag - Titanium Coating
C3S-Black Advanced All in one Gift BoxC3S-Black Advanced All in one Gift Box
C3S-Black Coffee Suitcase (Optical Glass Dripper)C3S-Black Coffee Suitcase (Optical Glass Dripper)
Electric Thermometer - White
Scale Black Mirror Basic 2 - White

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