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Showing 1 - 48 of 137 products
Sale price14.000 KWD
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CremaPro Milk ThermometerCremaPro Milk Thermometer
The Force TamperThe Force Tamper
The Force Tamper The Force Tamper
Sale price60.000 KWD
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Espresso Corner TampingEspresso Corner Tamping
Jeofrex Espresso Corner Tamping
Sale price5.500 KWD
Naked Portafilter 51mm - MapleNaked Portafilter 51mm - Maple
CremaPro Group Head Brush - BlackCremaPro Group Head Brush - Black
Tamper 51mmTamper 51mm
Barista Space Tamper 51mm
Sale price7.000 KWD
Puly Caff Plus Soak kit
Puly Puly Caff Plus Soak kit
Sale price8.500 KWD
Abaca Paper Filter 4 CupAbaca Paper Filter 4 Cup
Cafec Abaca Paper Filter 4 Cup
Sale price2.000 KWD
Pitcher 350mlPitcher 350ml
Barista Space Pitcher 350ml
Sale price12.000 KWD
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Gasket Silicone E61Gasket Silicone E61
Cafelat Gasket Silicone E61
Sale price3.000 KWD
Silver Smart Scale 2020 Edition - BrewistaSilver Smart Scale 2020 Edition - Brewista
JoeFrex Espresso Spoons, 6 pcsJoeFrex Espresso Spoons, 6 pcs
E61 Shower ScreenE61 Shower Screen
IMS E61 Shower Screen
Sale price10.000 KWD
La Marzocco Puro
Sale price10.000 KWD
Save 1.500 KD
Knock Box 175mm - RedKnock Box 175mm - Red
Crema Pro Knock Box 175mm - Red
Sale price6.500 KWD Regular price8.000 KWD
Motta Cocktail Spoon
Motta Motta Cocktail Spoon
Sale price2.250 KWD
Pitcher 450mlPitcher 450ml
Barista Space Pitcher 450ml
Sale price14.000 KWD
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Motta Black Leveling Tool 58.5mm
Bond 10cm SpoonBond 10cm Spoon
Loveramics Bond 10cm Spoon
Sale priceFrom 1.750 KWD
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Dosing Cup 58mmDosing Cup 58mm
Pesado 58.5 Dosing Cup 58mm
Sale price7.000 KWD
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Gasket Silicone La MarzoccoGasket Silicone La Marzocco
Pearl 2021 EDITION - BlackPearl 2021 EDITION - Black
Acaia Pearl 2021 EDITION - Black
Sale price56.000 KWD
Milk Jug 490ml - BlackMilk Jug 490ml - Black
Pesado 58.5 Milk Jug 490ml - Black
Sale price11.000 KWD
Save 1.500 KD
CREMA PRO Knock Bin - Red - 110mmCREMA PRO Knock Bin - Red - 110mm
Crema Pro CREMA PRO Knock Bin - Red - 110mm
Sale price4.500 KWD Regular price6.000 KWD
CREMA PRO Knock Bin - Black - 110mmCREMA PRO Knock Bin - Black - 110mm
Pitcher 600mlPitcher 600ml
Barista Space Pitcher 600ml
Sale price15.000 KWD
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Tamper - BlackTamper - Black
Barista Hustle Tamper - Black
Sale price18.000 KWD
Barista Micro Cloth SetBarista Micro Cloth Set
Crema Pro Barista Micro Cloth Set
Sale price6.000 KWD
Crema Pro Floor Standing Knock-out Tube BlackCrema Pro Floor Standing Knock-out Tube Black
CremaPro Barista Micro Set - 10 Pack ClothCremaPro Barista Micro Set - 10 Pack Cloth
Shurflo Flojet
Sale price79.000 KWD
Caffeine WrenchCaffeine Wrench
Pallo Caffeine Wrench
Sale price6.500 KWD
Lunar 2021 EDITION - BlackLunar 2021 EDITION - Black
Acaia Lunar 2021 EDITION - Black
Sale price90.000 KWD
CremaPro Lattetemo ThermometerCremaPro Lattetemo Thermometer
Knock Box Classic Black Natural WoodKnock Box Classic Black Natural Wood
Milk-Frother Cleaner 1L
lujoCLEAN Milk-Frother Cleaner 1L
Sale price9.000 KWD
CremaPro Milk Pitcher - 360mlCremaPro Milk Pitcher - 360ml
Naked Portafilter 54mm (Breville) - RubberNaked Portafilter 54mm (Breville) - Rubber
Barista Training Tool 30ml (1oz)
SEAFLO 1.0 Liter Pressurized Accumulator TankSEAFLO 1.0 Liter Pressurized Accumulator Tank
Single Dose HopperSingle Dose Hopper
Baratza Single Dose Hopper
Sale price13.000 KWD

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