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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Save 34.000 KD
Jura ENA4 PackageJura ENA4 Package
Package Offer Jura ENA4 Package
Sale price309.000 KWD Regular price343.000 KWD
Save 4.500 KD
AeroPress PackageAeroPress Package
Package Offer AeroPress Package
Sale price32.000 KWD Regular price36.500 KWD
Save 4.500 KD
Aeropress Go Traveller PackageAeropress Go Traveller Package
Package Offer Aeropress Go Traveller Package
Sale price26.000 KWD Regular price30.500 KWD
Save 5.250 KD
Clever Coffee Dripper PackageClever Coffee Dripper Package
Package Offer Clever Coffee Dripper Package
Sale price21.000 KWD Regular price26.250 KWD
Save 11.750 KD
V60 Full Traveller PackageV60 Full Traveller Package
Package Offer V60 Full Traveller Package
Sale price63.000 KWD Regular price74.750 KWD

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