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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
India Sails Blend 250g - EspressoIndia Sails Blend 250g - Espresso
Mexico 250g - EspressoMexico 250g - Espresso
Kiffa Mexico 250g - Espresso
Sale price4.500 KWD
India Bodan 250g - EspressoIndia Bodan 250g - Espresso
Kiffa India Bodan 250g - Espresso
Sale price4.750 KWD
El Salvador 250g - EspressoEl Salvador 250g - Espresso
Kiffa El Salvador 250g - Espresso
Sale price4.250 KWD
Claris Smart+Claris Smart+
Jura Claris Smart+
Sale price8.000 KWD
Rwanda Gastibo 250g - FilterRwanda Gastibo 250g - Filter
Suwaa Rwanda Gastibo 250g - Filter
Sale price5.750 KWD
Qiddiya Coffee Blend 250g - EspressoQiddiya Coffee Blend 250g - Espresso
El Salvador Tecapa 250g - OmniEl Salvador Tecapa 250g - Omni
Claris Mini
Jura Claris Mini
Sale price5.000 KWD
Cauca 250g - OmniCauca 250g - Omni
Kiffa Cauca 250g - Omni
Sale price5.500 KWD
Claris Pro SmartClaris Pro Smart
Jura Claris Pro Smart
Sale price13.000 KWD
Nicaragua Linda Vista 250g - EspressoNicaragua Linda Vista 250g - Espresso
CLARIS Blue SingleCLARIS Blue Single
Jura CLARIS Blue Single
Sale price10.000 KWD
Blend Ghawar Fleld - Dried CoffeeBlend Ghawar Fleld - Dried Coffee

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