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Showing 1 - 34 of 34 products
Claris Smart+Claris Smart+
Jura Claris Smart+
Sale price8.000 KWD
3 Phase Cleaning Tables, Blister 6 Pcs3 Phase Cleaning Tables, Blister 6 Pcs
Claris Mini
Jura Claris Mini
Sale price5.000 KWD
ENA4 Black EditionENA4 Black Edition
Jura ENA4 Black Edition
Sale price305.000 KWD
Automatic Milk Frother Hot&Cold
Decalcifying 3 Tablets
Jura Decalcifying 3 Tablets
Sale price8.000 KWD
Glass milk container 500mlGlass milk container 500ml
Jura Glass milk container 500ml
Sale price10.000 KWD
Milk System Cleaner (mini tabs)Milk System Cleaner (mini tabs)
Claris Pro SmartClaris Pro Smart
Jura Claris Pro Smart
Sale price13.000 KWD
ENA8 - WhiteENA8 - White
Jura ENA8 - White
Sale price430.000 KWD
Smart ConnectSmart Connect
Jura Smart Connect
Sale price12.000 KWD
Glacette - BlackGlacette - Black
Jura Glacette - Black
Sale price12.000 KWD
Jura Z10
Sale price940.000 KWD
Milk System Cleaner (Liquid)
Jura Milk System Cleaner (Liquid)
Sale price3.000 KWD
E8 - Dark InnoxE8 - Dark Innox
Jura E8 - Dark Innox
Sale price550.000 KWD
Wifi ConnectWifi Connect
Jura Wifi Connect
Sale price12.000 KWD
Glacette - WhiteGlacette - White
Jura Glacette - White
Sale price12.000 KWD
CLARIS Blue SingleCLARIS Blue Single
Jura CLARIS Blue Single
Sale price10.000 KWD
Standard Cup WarmerStandard Cup Warmer
Jura Standard Cup Warmer
Sale price90.000 KWD
Cool Control 1L - White G2Cool Control 1L - White G2
Jura Cool Control 1L - White G2
Sale price98.000 KWD
Cool Control 1L - Black G2
Jura Cool Control 1L - Black G2
Sale price90.000 KWD
X8 PlatinumX8 Platinum
Jura X8 Platinum
Sale price975.000 KWD
WE8 ChromeWE8 Chrome
Jura WE8 Chrome
Sale price700.000 KWD
Jura Stainless Steel Milk Pipe HP3
Cool Control 0.6L - BlackCool Control 0.6L - Black
Jura Cool Control 0.6L - Black
Sale price68.000 KWD
E8 - Piano White
Jura E8 - Piano White
Sale price550.000 KWD
Jura Stainless Steel Milk Pipe HP1
Giga 6Giga 6
Jura Giga 6
Sale price1,445.000 KWD
Cup Warmer S - BlackCup Warmer S - Black
Jura Cup Warmer S - Black
Sale price45.000 KWD
Cup Warmer S - WhiteCup Warmer S - White
Jura Cup Warmer S - White
Sale price46.000 KWD
Cool Control 2.5L - BlackCool Control 2.5L - Black
Jura Cool Control 2.5L - Black
Sale price180.000 KWD
GIGA X8 Aluminium BlackGIGA X8 Aluminium Black
Jura GIGA X8 Aluminium Black
Sale price2,350.000 KWD
GIGA X3 AluminiumGIGA X3 Aluminium
Jura GIGA X3 Aluminium
Sale price1,700.000 KWD
Save 70.000 KD
S8 ChromeS8 Chrome
Jura S8 Chrome
Sale price690.000 KWD Regular price760.000 KWD

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