Barista Space

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Delonghi Naked Portafilter 51mm - BlackDelonghi Naked Portafilter 51mm - Black
51MM / 53MM Funnel51MM / 53MM Funnel
Sale price5.500 KWD
51MM / 53MM FunnelBarista Space
Barista Space Pitcher - 350MLBarista Space Pitcher - 350ML
New height Adjustable Tamping Station 58mmNew height Adjustable Tamping Station 58mm
Rubber Service Mat 8*60cmRubber Service Mat 8*60cm
Espresso Funnel 58MM GreyEspresso Funnel 58MM Grey
600ML Unique Spout Kettle600ML Unique Spout Kettle

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