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The Flojet Bottled Water Dispenser 220V BW5003 is great choice for a ny establishment that requires a steady supply of bottled water for espresso machines, ice makers, and refrigerators.

  • One of the biggest benefits which you can get from using the  BW5003 is that eliminates the need for a water filter. This helps the environment because thousands of filters end up being disposed each year. This should always be a consideration in the equipment which you will be getting for your business.

  • The system is designed for convenience. It is meant to shut off when the water has been depleted and will automatically restart once the water supply has been restored. This feature ensures that there less chance that the system will run dry.

  • The BW5003 comes with 20 feet of ¼ inch tubing, which is more than adequate for most establishments today.

  • The switch of the unit is illuminated which helps the user by providing adequate visibility in dark areas. This can be useful when there is limited light in the kitchen and work area of your establishment.

  • The BW5003 comes equipped with a powerful motor that’s designed to last for years, ensuring a  long period of reliable service.

  • The Flojet Diaphragm has run dry features which extends the life of the unit. 

  • You don’t have to worry about noise when you’re using the BW5003. It comes with rubber feet which will dampen the noise.

  • For safety, the BW5003 has a thermal protection feature which prevents the overheating of the unit. This protects the pump and the controls from being damaged.

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