V1 Electronic Coffee Scale Mini

Sale price14.000 KWD


☕ Accurate Measurement & Wide Measuring Range - Our digital mini coffee scale is highly accurate at 0.1g, with 0.3 to 2000g wide measuring range. This espresso scale is perfect for small espresso machine, like Delonghi, Breville

☕ Multi-functional Premium Digital Coffee Scale - The scale has three adjustable modes, namely, Normal Mode, which displays the time and weight. M1 Smart Hand Brew Mode, which displays the ratio of powder to water and the weight of the powder. And M2 Smart Espresso Mode, which displays the time and the weight of the liquid. The three modes can be freely switched to meet the needs of a variety of scene use.

☕ A good helper for brewing coffee - our rechargeable espresso scale has a built-in timer to help baristas ensure consistency from cup to cup. Its automatic tare function allows you to take accurate measurements every time. In addition, the mini coffee scale is smaller, lighter and more portable, which will make it one of the preferred tools for outdoor coffee lovers. This is one of the best choices of espresso accessories for cafe and home use.

☕ Easy to Clean & Non-slip - Our espresso mini scale comes with a silicone mat that has insulating properties to protect the coffee accessories, waterproof and non-slip, and it is easy to remove and easy to clean. The bottom of the espresso scale is also non-slip design. Choose IKAPE coffee scale, let you enjoy delicious espresso.

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