Smart Electric Kettle 1L - Matte White

Sale price35.000 KWD


The Artisan Barista Electric kettle is a minimalistic kettle that incorporates user-adjustable flow rate and a large handle for better pour control .

With the smart ‘keep warm’ technology, this electric kettle allows for coffee bars to be always prepared for that next pour.

When developing the artisan barista kettle we had two things in mind.

First we wanted to incorporate a minimalistic design but keep that classic artisan kettle look. Secondly we wanted to make sure the kettle had enough capacity and flow control to enable the user to pour effortlessly and without the hassle of running out of water.

Most artisan kettles are small in size, so we increased the capability of our kettle to suit most busy cafes and specialty coffee shops.

The user-adjustable flow rate is controlled by small fittings that can be changed to the desired flow, this allows for the user to experiment with an extra variable in their brewing methods.

With the smart display, the user can read and adjust the brewing procedure at the touch of a button. Whether you need to ‘fast boil’ or ‘keep warm’, both of these functions are just a click away.better pour control and user-adjustable flow rate.

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