Saudi Arabia Al Sharqi 500g - Omni

Date: 13/03/2024
Sale price5.000 KWD


"Oriental Coffee"

From the high mountains of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we offer you authentic Saudi coffee, from the middle of a high terrain that carried the flavor of the south from the farms of the city of Jazan. With the utmost care, the coffee beans were picked and treated with anaerobic drying. It has a special taste. It comes from a strain characterized by a unique character, captivating sweetness and hints of... Black grapes and vanilla.

Taste in every sip a journey through the beauty of the Jazan Mountains and the heritage of its farms, which produce the finest types of coffee for us.

Saudi Arabia - Eastern

Notes: vanilla, black grapes, sweetness, full body

Treatment: Anaerobic drying

Breed: Typica

Region: Jazan-Al-Arda

Height: 1800m-2000m

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