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A three-level brew stand that opens you up to a new coffee experience. The Nucleus Paragon Coffee Brewer  taps into your favourite coffee’s aromatic volatile compounds, making your morning coffee exciting again. This innovative brewer features the Paragon Chilling Rock which disperses the water delicately, capturing more aromas than a regular brewer would.

Despite its name, the Paragon Chilling Rock retains heat so your final brew isn’t cooled down. With 80-120 aroma volatile compounds found in coffee, the Nucleus Paragon is a great way to re-experience your favourite single origins with more intense flavours.

And it works with every kind of brewer! All 3 levels of the Paragon are height adjustable to fit any type of carafe or cup underneath, and they can swing to the side when it’s time to serve your coffee.

Nucleus Paragon Brewer Features

Maximise Flavour Extraction - The Paragon Chilling Rock disperses water thinly and gently, trapping volatile aromas into the brewed coffee for a more intensified flavour experience. 

Backed by Science – Scientists in Switzerland concluded the ability to capture 40% more compounds in the brew with Extraction Chilled Technology. 

Height adjustable - Each of the Paragon’s layers is height adjustable to fit any kind of dripper to the carafe.

Works with all kinds of brewers - Whether you’re using a Kalita or a V60 or anything in between, the Paragon can accommodate them all!

This product includes:

  • 1 x Nucleus Paragon Brewer Stand
  • 2 x  Paragon Chilling Rocks

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