Motta Professional Milk Jug 500ML

Sale price15.000 KWD


The professional milk jug Motta Europe is ideal for frothing milk.

Technical specifications:
- Made of stainless steel 304 (bright, hygienic, ideal for food)
- Because of its special design, latiera assure a good circulation of the milk when frothing, the result being a milk foam with a creamy consistency of the highest quality.
- The wall thickness maintains the milk cold for much more time, allowing foaming the milk for a longer period.
- The special design of the beak makes it ideal for use in "latte art" technique, for creating milk decorations in cappuccino.
The milk jug Motta Europe can be used both at home and in a commercial environment (bars, cafes and restaurants). Because of its characteristics, the milk is frothed much simpler.

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