Mahlkonig E65S Commercial Espresso Grinder Black

Sale price595.000 KWD


Swift and silent, the Mahlkonig E65S elevates coffee shop espresso grinding. Refined for ergonomic ease, the E65S promises an excellent experience for baristas and customers alike. At its base, the E65S offers 65mm flat burrs, stepless grind adjustment, and programmable timer dosing. In practice, refined elements improve on these core traits, bringing the grinder further than the sum of its specs. A high-torque motor moves the 65mm burrs quickly and efficiently, while quality sound insulation means the E65S runs near-silent for its 3.5-second grind time. Grind adjustment is handled from a front-mounted adjustment lever, offering easy dial-in and touch-ups. And, while timed dosing is a common feature, the E65S' bright screen, digital adjustment knob and 6 recipe profiles makes it easy to set your espresso grinder for any duty a cafe can throw at it.

Features and Functionality

  • Quick Grind - The 580W motor moves burrs at over 1600 rpm, giving a grind time under 4 seconds for a double shot.
  • 65mm Burrs - Hardened steel burrs offer excellent service life and grind consistency.
  • Silent Casing - A sound-insulated case makes the E65S an easy addition to a quiet cafe or restaurant.
  • Espresso Programming - Set up to 6 unique grind times for any and every recipe on your menu.
  • Refined Ergonomics - Simple niceties like an integrated bag clip and well-designed portafilter holder make the E65S a joy to use.

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