Magnetic Shot Mirror with Coin

Sale price9.000 KWD


Buy a magnetic, articulating shot mirror for your Flair and easily watch the beauty of your extractions as they pour into your cup. The mirror articulates in any direction for easy maneuverability and can be used on any Flair! Be mesmerized by the beauty of your espresso, or use the mirror to help dial-in and identify channeling.

There are two different versions of the shot mirror, depending on the Flair product you own. Check your compatibility below:

  • Shot Mirror without Magnetic Coin – Must own a Flair 58 or 58x that features the magnetic disc installed into the base of the Flair post. Mostly Flair 58 bought after mid-May 2023, and Flair 58x bought after late June, 2023.
  • Shot Mirror with Adhesive Magnetic Coin – Flair 58, Flair 58 LE and Flair 58 x bought before May 2023. Use with any Flair PRO, Signature, Classic or NEO. For the Flair 58 family, attach your magnetic coin to the post on any side you prefer. For PRO, Signature, Classic and NEO attach to base of your Flair as seen in the phots in this listing.

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