Jibbijug Supermagic 420ml

Color: Black
Sale price51.000 KWD


The Unique JIBBI's design features a flat slanted top that reaches each and every tight space of the cup. New signature Laser gripping style from that create a comfortable, silky yet supple feel.

  • The Airforce design follow the Aircarft engineering design. This Air Forfce focuses on the milk flow that helping the froth to pour in the cup , not the liquid.
  • The superpointy spout is super advantage to create the best definition for drawing lines.
  • Ideas for Best for Non-skill Barista/ Home barista Best for all basic Patterns Slanted Top design.
  • Laser welded handle
  • 0.8mm Thickness at 190g Suits one cup, sizes 3-12oz 

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