Ethiopia Hamasho 200g - Omni

Date: 04/06/2024
Sale price6.000 KWD


The amazing taste, sounds and aromas emanating from your coffee cup can only come from one place - the extraordinary Hamasho farm in Ethiopia. Introducing COFFEE HOLINESS, Ethiopia Hamasho - bean coffee that will bring the taste of mystery and exoticism of distant countries into your home. How could you resist this seduction?

It's not just ordinary coffee. It is a premium coffee bean of the Heirloom variety, grown at an altitude of 2360 meters above sea level, which has been carefully roasted by our roaster to a light color to bring out its unique aromatic properties. Flavor profile? A charming combination of tropical fruits, blackberries, black tea and tangerines. Yes, that's right, tangerine! With amazing intensity and a perfect body, this coffee is a real coffee adventure.

But wait, there's more. This year, our Hamasho coffee received the maximum number of three gold stars at the prestigious international Great taste test in the UK. It is simply the highest quality coffee you can indulge in. Suitable for "filter" but also for espresso, so you can enjoy your favorite preparation method."

So what are you waiting for? Join us and change your morning rituals with ordinary coffee to a real feast of flavors and aromas. You deserve the best, you deserve Hamasho Ethiopia natural. Order your package today and enjoy coffee, which is more than just a drink - it's a way to new experiences.
SCA: 85.5 points

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