Espresso Rotary WDT Tool 54mm

Sale price16.000 KWD


New design, rotary powder stirring. This new WDT tool is equipped with 8 pins, fixed in different positions, which stir the coffee powder in a range of different diameters while rotating. It can break up the lumps of coffee more evenly and efficiently.

Adjustable depth to fit baskets of different depths: adjust the proper depth by adjusting the uppermost wooden part, loosening the wood counterclockwise and adjusting it to the right height, then adjusting the metal part underneath the wood to the right position, and finally tightening these two parts.

Equipped with a dual function Dosing Ring. A magnetic ring that serves as a base as well as the portafilter's Dosing Funnels, ensuring that the ground coffee does not fall out of the basket during the WDT tool's stirring process. It is recommended to shake the ground coffee directly after using the WDT tool to stabilize it.

Equipped with a needle protection design. IKAPE's coffee WDT tool comes with a silicone base to protect the needle from being damaged; at the same time, the needle will be sucked by the magnet when lifting it up, so that it can be placed for a short period of time without the base without being harmed.

Cool Appearance Design. This espresso WDT tool is designed to imitate the insect "praying mantis", the cool appearance design has an appreciation of the aesthetic sense.

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