Colombia Jelly 200g - Espresso

Date: 03/04/2024
Sale price6.750 KWD


Sebastian Ramirez is well known for his Pink Bourbons and his Carbonic Maceration processes - and this one is a stellar combination. A natural CM Pink Bourbon tasting like Acai Berries, Strawberry, Clove, Pomegranate.

-Collection and classifications of cherries (95% ripe and 5% semi-ripe). -Anaerobic fermentation in sealed tanks with CO2 injection for 200 hours at a constant temperature of 18° C. A mosto from previous Pink Bourbon cherries is added into the fermenting tanks as well as a live culture obtained by isolating microorganisms of plants that grow in the farm, in this case cardamon.This is similar to a ‘compost tea’. - 1st stage of drying happens on African beds inside polytunnels for approximately 20 days until the cherries reach 25% humidity. Maximum temperature of 40° C. - 2nd drying stage; the cherries dry under partial shade inside polytunnels for approximately 5 days. -A final stabilisation stage happens at the end where the cherries are placed inside GrainPro bags in cool and dry rooms for 15 days before threshing and shipping.

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