Colombia Edwin Norena Watermelon 200g - Filter

Date: 04/06/2024
Sale price9.500 KWD


Roasted coffee beans, composition 100% Arabica. Flavor profile: watermelon, hubba bubba, raspberries. Farm: Campo Hermoso. Altitude: 1500 - 2070 m above sea level Variety: Pink Bourbon. Processing: Honey Mossto. Acidity: oooo-. Body: oooo-. Intensity: oooo-. SCA: 89. Light roasting. Method of preparation: filter. Weight: 200 g.

Cherries are harvested above 22° Brix. Cherries are soaked in water for 2 hours. Initial carbonic maceration of cherries for 72 hours with moss collection. Mossto juice is a culture starter with inoculated yeast (Schnapps Turbo Yeast), a solution of glucose and amino acids, this juice is poured into coffee after crushing, while 60% of the mucilage from a mixture of watermelon pulp and watermelon is dehydrated in a second fermentation immersed at 30% on 72 hours. Coffee is dried in the sun on African beds. After about 15 days with a humidity of around 10.5%. Then the parchment is stabilized for 8 days with dry pulp, then the coffee is finally stored in grain bags. After the final stabilization of 8 to 10 days, the coffees are cupped and doses are organized.

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