Cascade espresso cup black- 75ml

Sale price10.000 KWD


Construction: Double-to-single Walled Porcelain
Materials: Porcelain
Capacity: 2.5oz (75ml)
Height: 3.1in (80mm)
Width: 3.1in (80mm)

Pack these stackable pieces into any home or café to save space! An elegant gold KRUVE logo decorates the base while glossy white or black colors ensure lasting vibrancy. Enjoy a top-notch set of two porcelain espresso cups, boasting double walled bases plus single-rimmed walls for heat-keepery and luscious mouthfeel. You'll get a thrilling sensory experience with an improved aroma, and the added bonus of being dishwasher-safe!


  • High Quality Set of two Porcelain Espresso Cups.
  • Double walled base with single wall rim for heat retention and improved mouth feel
  • Robust and stackable design
  • Sensory experience with enhanced aroma
  • Dishwasher safe

Now with a SET OF FELT COASTERS! Stylish and handy felt coasters are included in the package. With subtle KRUVE logo around the rim it will help keep your cups safe and show them off in style!

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