Bullet R1 V2 - Black

Sale price1,200.000 KWD


Roast up to a kilo at a time, or use it as a sample roaster.

Whether you’re a professional looking for a versatile sample roaster with extra capacity, or an amateur looking to take your coffee to the next level, the Bullet is a uniquely attractive option.

With technology that is unrivaled at any price point, there isn’t another 1kg roaster on the market that can do what it does. The Bullet offers better data, more precise control, and unparalleled ease-of-use — yet it is still one of the most affordable 1kg roasters available anywhere.


More power. Fine control. Better data.

  • Electromagnetic induction heating is highly responsive and easily able to bring a full kg of beans to first crack in under 12 minutes with none of the hassles and danger of gas.
  • Infrared bean temperature sensing provides unparalleled speed, accuracy, and consistency for the best roasting data available anywhere.
  • 9 power levels, 12 fan speeds, 9 drum speeds and a preheat range from 160°C to 310°C allow for fine-control of the roasting process. This is freedom: you are only limited by your own imagination.
  • Precision automatic preheating allows you to dial in your preferred drum temperature for each and every roast
  • RoasTime roast profiling and management software logs every roast for your reference and study, and also grants you access to the Roast World website, an ever-evolving community where you can share your roasting profiles, recipes, and experiences with other users.

Power. Why use induction?

Whereas traditional electric roasters must rely on inefficient heating elements, the Bullet R1 uses induction to directly heat the drum.

We use induction because:

  • Induction eliminates energy waste, transforming the Bullet R1 into one of the world’s greenest roasters.
  • Induction drastically increases the responsiveness of the machine, lending it a feel more akin to gas roasters than traditional electric roasters, as any mid-roast adjustments to the power level are instantaneous.
  • Induction allows us to pack an incredible amount of heat into the Bullet, reducing its footprint without sacrificing its power, so that you can roast 1kg batches of coffee just about anywhere, with none of the setup headaches associated with gas roasters.


The IBTS: What is it? Why does it matter?

The infrared bean temperature sensor (IBTS) is our patent-pending solution to the biggest problem in data-driven coffee roasting: bad bean temperature data.

Professional roasters have long known that their bean probe is lying to them, vulnerable to a variety of variables that make it difficult to match profiles of different batch sizes across different machines.

The problem with these probes is that they are inconsistent and slow to react to bean temperature changes.

We sidestep the limitations of bean probes altogether by providing a new way to measure the temperature of the beans in the drum: infrared sensors.

This means no lag and remarkable consistency across batch sizes, so that you can repeat your results again and again.


RoasTime for Better Coffee

You can use the RoasTime software to both monitor and control your roasts, making it far easier to consistently roast great coffee. Available for Mac, PC, and Linux systems, the software is 100% free.

Power, fan and drum speed changes, as well as bean temperature data are all automatically logged, providing you with a graphical representation of each and every roast.

This data, when paired with your own cupping notes, eliminates guesswork so that you can bring the best out of your beans.

With RoasTime, you can also “Playback” roasts to automatically duplicate a roast that you like. Or, you can create your own “Roast Recipes” that trigger automatic changes in Power, Fan, and Drum settings according to either time or bean temperature parameters during the course of a roast.

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