Ethiopia Bombi 250g - Omni

Date: 03/09/2023
Sale price5.750 KWD


Region: Sidamo

Subspecies: Herillium

Height: 2050

Processing: dried

Suggestions: peach - orange - steam

Category: filter - espresso

Bombe is one of the best Ethiopian crops that we are proud to present, which we have recently chosen in Black Night. At first sight when we tasted it, we were astonished by the full texture, pleasant aroma, high sweetness and complex humor, this coffee brought back memories of the authentic Ethiopian crops and the taste of Ethiopia Unique.

Suggested espresso recipe:

Amount of coffee: 19 grams

Amount of water: 38 ml

Water temperature: 92 degrees

Extraction time: 30 seconds - 33 seconds

Suggested recipe for drip coffee:

Amount of coffee: 20 grams

Amount of water: 300 ml

Water temperature: 88

Extraction time: 3:00

Grinding degree: medium coarse

How to prepare :

Pour 30 ml - wait until 0:30

Pour to 100 ml - wait until 1:00

Pour to 160 ml - wait until 1:30

Pour into 220 ml - wait until 2:00

Last pour to 300 ml - extraction ends at 3:00

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