58mm Portafilter With Built - In high Extraction Basket

Sale price45.000 KWD


Suitable for E61 coffee machine models. Confirmed to fit most E61 group head models, Rocket, ECM, La Marzocco, etc, but not yet available for Flair 58.

Portafilter with one-piece handle and filter basket Reversing the style of the previous portafilter, the handle body and basket are combined into one, and the extraction is done efficiently.

The basket has a built-in double layer of filters. One layer has over 10,000 pores for high precision extraction. The second layer is a designated flow-through filter, which is used to concentrate the extracted liquid and bring it together into a single concentrate.

Sturdy body, durable and reliable. basket are made of high-strength food-grade stainless steel, solid, thick and heavy, weighing up to 610 grams, twice the weight of regular solid wood handles.

Multi-color appearance, replaceable handle. The handle is removable, by a stainless steel center shaft for the link, can replace the handle of different colors (will be released in different colors later). The colorful handle is made of resin, sturdy and durable, feels good in your hand, and the color can be changed.

Please read the following text before purchasing

Note: IKAPE built in one portafilter The fast flow rate is due to the fact that the effective extraction area at the bottom is larger than a conventional portafilter, and there are more channels for the liquid to come out. The effective pressure created will be more difficult

Compared to conventional powder bowls, high quality extraction rates can be achieved earlier, e.g. 5-10 seconds shorter.

If the customer really wants to benchmark the previous extraction parameters, adjusting the grind and increasing the amount of ground coffee is the most effective.

It is recommended to increase the amount of ground coffee to 22g.
Substantially fine-tune the grind of the electric grinder.
Use with puck screen

Correct the grind to the right extraction parameters.
The extraction rate will be many points higher than conventional (depending on the variety of beans and the degree of roasting).
Flavor - overall sweetness, superb body, high body fat.

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