Rwanda Gasharu 250g - Filter

Date: 29/04/2024
Sale price5.000 KWD


Taste note: Marmalade, Rosehip, Cane Sugar
Area: Rwanda, Nyamasheke
Farm: Gasharu Coffee, Valentin Kimenyi
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed Processing

Head of the family business, producer Valentin Kimenyi is a man who is highly motivated to further unlock the potential of Rwanda as a producer of high grade specialty coffee. The high elevation, rich fertile soil and climate are ideal for growing coffee.

Rwanda's is a country of the Arabica Bourbon variety, by far the most common varietal planted here. The Bourbon variety is one of the most culturally and genetically important varieties in the world. Growing at the highest altitudes and known for excellent quality in the cup

Gasharu Coffee follows the principles of Rainforest Alliance certification

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