Milk Frothing Pitcher 400ml White

Sale price10.000 KWD


  • 💖Unique Design☕: This stainless steel barista steam pitcher is IKAPE's custom-made pulling tool for professional baristas. It features a unique eagle beak design and double curved infusion slots, which facilitates the full release of milk, making a cappuccino or latte easier, making it a must-have milk froth cup for professional baristas.
  • 💖 Super High-quality Stainless Steel Material ☕: IKAPE brand has been pursuing to make super high-quality coffee appliances since the beginning. The body of this espresso steam pot is made of brand new 304 stainless steel, bright and smooth, without any mechanical welding marks, making the frother one piece. We assure you that this frother pitcher will not rust, even if it is used for years.
  • 💖 Your Latte Experience Should be Better ☕: Making espresso coffee should be an enjoyable process in our lives. The ergonomic design of the handle of the steaming pitchers and the smooth and rounded body is suitable for various cylinder grips such as pencil grip and horizontal grip, allowing you to feel comfortable and reduce your effort during use, taking your coffee experience to the next level

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