JibbiJug Ronin 380ml

Color: Rainbow
Sale price48.000 KWD


RONIN: 380ml: Easy pen drawing Latte art masters LOVE this product as this is a super light jug in the Market.

  • A combination of the Pointed Eagle Spout and a narrow opening is best for producing compound or tiny leaf patterns.



  • Super Light weight at140g , help to enhance the definition of the small leaves and easy move your hand when mixing the milk or create a stronger/ delicate lines to makes your image more compelling.
  • The perfect size of this spout really helps you to control the milk flow and get closer to the surface, even in a tight space.
  • Best for all drawing WLC Patterns into 8 oz cup, all patterns opoosible!! Great results with a clear small leave lines and easy draging and dropping techniques.
  • Right size for small cup at 3-8 oz. Small Handle for Female/ small hand

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