Colombia Jairo Arcilla Broskyna Peach 200g - Filter

Date: 12/04/2024
Sale price9.000 KWD


Have you ever tried coffee with the sweet taste of peaches and lime, which gives you an exotic taste experience right in your kitchen while it is being prepared? We present to you Coffeeholic Colombia Jairo Arcila peach - a premium coffee bean that is the result of unique processing and careful preparation.

This coffee is a real treat for all coffee lovers who are looking for something more than a simple drink. The Santa Monica farm at an altitude of 1450 - 1500 m above sea level is home to the extraordinary Castillo variety, which acquires its exceptional taste thanks to honey processing and peach maceration. With its intensity at the maximum level and acidity and body at a moderate level, the COFFEEHOLIK Colombia Jairo Arcila peach offers a truly unforgettable taste experience.

Look at how beautiful the roasting of these beans is. Feel that irresistible aroma wafting through your kitchen. Imagine enjoying the first sip of this coffee, which will bring you an instant feeling of bliss and pleasure. And then one more, and one more... Coffee addict Colombia Jairo Arcila's peach will convince you that coffee can be a real gourmet experience.

Do not miss the opportunity to try this exclusive coffee. Each package contains 200 grams of finely roasted coffee beans, which are ready for you and your preparation with a filter. Buy your Kavoholik Colombia Jairo Arcila peach package now and experience a taste that will surpass your wildest expectations!

Roasted coffee beans, composition 100% Arabica. Flavor profile: sweet peaches, lime and white tea. Farm: Santa Monica. Altitude: 1450 - 1500 m above sea level. Variety: Castillo. Processing: honey + wine yeast and peach maceration. Acidity: ooo--. Body: ooo--. Intensity: ooooo. SCA: 89. Light roasting. Method of preparation: filter.

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