Brazil Berry Sundae 250g - FIlter

Size: 29/04/2024
Sale price5.250 KWD


An unexpected Brazil coffee in a very good way! A very fruity extended fermentation natural from Jaguara farms with tasting notes of tropical fruits, ripe berries and cacao.

Processed as an extended-fermentation natural, cherries for this lot have been selectively hand-picked and have undergone 72 hours of fermentation. Drying takes place on a patio and in boxes with heated air. This coffee has been produced by Natália Brito & André Luíz Garcia, on their farm, Jaguara. Jaguara is the name of Natália and André’s farm, but also of their exporting company that sources coffee from other producers in the region. They are one of our main suppliers in Brazil, with whom we have built a very strong relationship with over the years. The Jaguara farm was initially founded by three friends, Antonio Wander, Rubem Carlos and Rubem Murilo. They planted its first coffee trees in 2001, in the area of Campo das Vertentes. The farm was named after a prominent Quilombola community in the region. The farm is now owned by André Luíz Garcia, his wife, Natália Moreira Brito and their son, Benicio Garcia. André is a third generation producer. He is an agronomist and researcher at the Procafé Foundation, specialising in pruning and producing coffees. Natália is a second generation producer, cupper and trader. They work together to develop their farm further, by supporting and complementing each other in different areas of production. They create a wide range of profiles by diversifying their fermenting and drying procedures. Jaguara Farm is situated next to São João del Rei, a very historic town for the colonisation of Brazil. The town is traditionally well-known for its gold mining opportunities, not for its coffee production. However, with its high altitude mountains (for Brazilian standards), the area’s coffee trees have adapted very well

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