PS1 3cup Pour-over Coffee Brewer - Steel

Sale price4,200.000 KWD


Semi-automated pour-over coffee machine carefully crafted and assembled in the USA.

Poursteady can help you make better coffee, and faster.

When continuously running, a barista can make around 1 cup per minute when all stations are in use. Pour-over orders are a simple button press instead of a time intensive task.


Dimensions Width: 24-3/8″
Height: 18-5/8″
Depth: 7-7/8″
Power Input 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz 1.4A
Output 24V DC 2.5A 60W Max
Certifications NSF Sanitation
NSF Electrical (tested to UL 197)
KCC and CE


Networking Setup An ethernet connection, or a secured WiFi network with a password.
Under Counter Boiler Boiler connects to cold water mains via the provided 3/8″ NPT male fitting.
Plumbing Water supply and 3/4″ diameter drain below the counter to be installed within 24″ of cutout in counter.



Increase your throughput to be serving coffee 1 cup about every 60 seconds.

Deploy to All Machines

Instantly deploy your new recipe to all of your Poursteady machines everywhere.


Each recipe you program on a station is repeated exactly the same way, every time you press the button.

Custom Recipes

Dial-in your roasts with custom pour pulses, varying pour patterns, all using our professional cloud-based interface.

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