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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Save 219.720 KD
E1 Prima Blue Full PackageE1 Prima Blue Full Package
Sale price1,977.530 KWD Regular price2,197.250 KWD
E1 Prima Blue Full PackagePackage Offer
Save 208.250 KD
E1 Prima White Full PackageE1 Prima White Full Package
Sale price1,880.000 KWD Regular price2,088.250 KWD
E1 Prima White Full PackagePackage Offer
Save 309.240 KD
Linea Mini Steel Full PackageLinea Mini Steel Full Package
Sale price1,627.010 KWD Regular price1,936.250 KWD
Linea Mini Steel Full PackagePackage Offer
Save 238.250 KD
Linea Mini Black Full PackageLinea Mini Black Full Package
Sale price1,752.000 KWD Regular price1,990.250 KWD
Linea Mini Black Full PackagePackage Offer
Linea Micra Full Package - SilverLinea Micra Full Package - Silver
Save 36.990 KD
Flair 58 Plus Full PackageFlair 58 Plus Full Package
Sale price335.010 KWD Regular price372.000 KWD
Flair 58 Plus Full PackagePackage Offer
Save 131.000 KD
Z10 PackageZ10 Package
Sale price967.000 KWD Regular price1,098.000 KWD
Z10 PackagePackage Offer
Save 57.200 KD
Jura E8 PackageJura E8 Package
Sale price514.800 KWD Regular price572.000 KWD
Jura E8 PackagePackage Offer
Save 54.000 KD
ENA8 Black PackageENA8 Black Package
Sale price398.000 KWD Regular price452.000 KWD
ENA8 Black PackagePackage Offer
Save 54.000 KD
ENA8 White PackageENA8 White Package
Sale price398.000 KWD Regular price452.000 KWD
ENA8 White PackagePackage Offer
Save 26.500 KD
V60 Premium Timemore PackageV60 Premium Timemore Package
Sale price156.000 KWD Regular price182.500 KWD
V60 Premium Timemore PackagePackage Offer
Save 15.650 KD
V60 Timemore Full PackageV60 Timemore Full Package
Sale price62.600 KWD Regular price78.250 KWD
V60 Timemore Full PackagePackage Offer
Save 11.750 KD
HARIO V60 Basic PackageHARIO V60 Basic Package
Sale price47.000 KWD Regular price58.750 KWD
HARIO V60 Basic PackagePackage Offer
Save 21.000 KD
Cold Brewing System PackageCold Brewing System Package
Sale price120.000 KWD Regular price141.000 KWD
Cold Brewing System PackagePackage Offer
Save 4.500 KD
AeroPress PackageAeroPress Package
Sale price32.000 KWD Regular price36.500 KWD
AeroPress PackagePackage Offer
Save 4.500 KD
Aeropress Go Traveller PackageAeropress Go Traveller Package
Sale price26.000 KWD Regular price30.500 KWD
Aeropress Go Traveller PackagePackage Offer

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