Naked Portafilter Walnut 51mm

Sale price14.000 KWD


  •  Compatible with 51mm Delonghi Portafilter : This 51mm bottomless Portafilter is compatible with Delonghi EC0680, EC0685, SMEG and EUPA coffee machines. its handles are light and extra smooth, making them great companions for helping you make espresso. It can greatly upgrade your brewing experience.
  •  Deep Extraction : The 51mm bottomless portafilter with a filter basket allows for deep extraction of the coffee, improving the extraction rate of the coffee. You can even clearly see the flowing golden espresso extract, which helps you extract professional espresso.
  •  Portafilter With Filter Basket : Be Equipped with a 51mm stainless steel filter basket, the fine-perforated design of the filter basket allows for more uniform and efficient filtering of coffee grounds and is compatible with Delonghi 51mm EC0680 portafilter basket.
  •  Premium Bottomless Portafilter : Be made of 100% natural mahogany, this bottomless portafilter is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, rust, and durability. What's more, its filter basket is cast in food-grade stainless steel, hand-polished to a high degree, and precisely sized to ensure the filter nests into the handle.
Compatible:51mm Portafilter, EC0680、EC0685、SMEG、severin ka5995、dedica arte, Casabrews 3700 PRO

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