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The Delter Cold Drip is a new way of brewing cold drip. 

Say goodbye to valves and say hello to consistency. When using other cold drip coffee makers, you may find yourself needing to monitor and adjust the valve to maintain the perfect flow rate, or battling with an inconsistent drip rate that leads to inconsistent extraction; affecting the flavour profile and aroma. 

A brew on the Delter Cold Drip will take around 3-4 hours to complete, and will give you up to 5 servings. Brew on the weekend and enjoy a brew every day to get you through the working week - no more lines and queues waiting around at the cafe.


- The unique multi-level drip tray features holes designed to automatically maintain your drip rate of 1 drip per second, creating the perfect extraction. Because each tray drips simultaneously, the drip rate remains steady and constant up until the higher trays have dripped through.

- Brewing a low acidity cold brew is a great way to enjoy coffee without the harsh bitter taste, and it is kinder on your stomach while still giving you a strong caffeine hit and with a great taste.   

Brewing Guide:

  1. To brew with the Delter cold drip, you’ll only need freshly roasted beans ground coarsely, and fresh filtered water. The water can be room temperature or cold.
  2. Add 50 grams of coffee to the coffee basket, and if you don’t have a scale, just use the line marking shown.
  3. Pre-wet the coffee by gently pouring just enough water to saturate the surface of the grounds on the coffee bed.
  4. Next, add the first tray and fill water to the 200mL fill line and watch the water start to drip over the coffee.
  5. Repeat this process and add the next two trays for a total of 600ml.
  6. Finally, place it on the lid and you can leave it out on the bench, or otherwise carefully place it in the door of the fridge.


- Filter Material: Stainless Steel

- Pitcher Material: Borosilicate Glass

- Coffee Maker Material: BPA-free Plastic

- Brew Time: 3-4 Hours (When used as directed)

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