Grinder GO

Sale price45.000 KWD


  • Portable, battery-powered coffee grinder
  • Professional 38 mm conical currs
  • Easy operation
  • Capacity: 60 g
  • High-capacity long-life batteries

Portable Electric Grinder

The Timemore Grinder Go is a sleek looking, portable, battery driven coffee grinder! It's much quicker (and less effort) than most portable grinders, grinding 15 g of beans in just 27 seconds for medium grind.

You'll find the grind adjustment dial knob under the conical burr grinder, if you unscrew the glass container. There are marks for setting suggestions, making tweaking for the ideal grind size easy.

The 38 mm E&B stainless steel conical burr set is identical to the one used in the Timemore Slim Plus, Nano Plus, and G1. The burrs are sharp, with dual bearings and high-precision CNC cutting.

The Grinder Go grinds around 400 g of coffee beans in a medium grind size between charges.

General guide of settings for each brewing method:

  • AeroPress and Moka pot: 2 to 5 clicks
  • Drip coffee and pour-over: 6 to 10 clicks
  • French press and cold brew: 9 to 10 clicks
  • Size: H 22 cm x W 8.6cm x L 8.6 cm
  • Weight: 660 g
  • Motor DC7.4V, DC carbon-rush
  • Voltage: 7.4 V/DC
  • Includes USB-C cable and cleaning brush

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