Pro-Fondi EVO - Electric Cleaning System for Portafilters

Sale price269.000 KWD


Simple, silent and functional, the Pro-Fondi EVO electrical device quickly extracts coffee grounds and makes cleaning professional espresso machine filters a breeze.

Two photocells automatically activate the motor when they intercept the movement of the approaching hand. The cleaning cycle is timed and does not go beyond 2 seconds, after which the circuit stops. To install it, simply drill a hole of Ø 12 cm into the bench, insert the device and apply the bag in which the funds fall, without dispersion.

Impeller material: polyurethane
Impeller diameter: 54 or 58 mm
Installation requires a hole of Ø 12 cm and an electrical socket
Electric motor: 100÷240V - 50/60hz

The advantages:

  • Digital control with timed cleaning cycle (2 seconds) and automatic rotation cycle reversal, to extend the impeller duration;
  • Optimizes the filter cleaning improving the result in the cup (from tests performed in laboratories of roasting);
  • Avoid to soil the footboard;
  • Prevents noise on the filter holder stroke, improving the acoustic comfort of your venue;
  • Avoid replacing filters and abrasion of the groups;
  • Faster than the classic beats;
  • Avoid trauma to the arm and shoulder;
  • Collect and dispose of coffee grounds in a hygienic way;
  • Does not require special maintenance and cleaning;
  • Avoid the obstruction of the old knock box to the operator;
  • Collects large amounts of coffee grounds in the same bag;
  • Prevents insects caused by the coffee grounds under the footboard.

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