Orbit Grinder Mazzer

Sale price525.000 KWD


Our first-ever coffee grinder, the Orbit lands with unique features to meet your coffee brewing needs. The grinder is single-dosing friendly with features like an automatic cleaning purge that helps to reduce retention when grinding. If you prefer to pair with an Acaia Lunar, you can also activate Orbit’s grind by weight function and enjoy an effortless dosing experience. It is built and designed with Acaia’s proprietary technology from the motor driver to the companion app, offering advanced control of RPM and overall energy savings.

Orbit is ready to take on any of your coffee brewing needs. It features 64mm flat steel burrs, stepless grind adjustment, and its
single-dosing workflow includes features like a knocking chute
and automatic purge to keep coffee retention to a minimum.

The companion app includes customization options for the three
grinding presets, including RPM adjustment and profiling. The Orbit also includes a grind by weight function when paired with a Lunar espresso scale, allowing you to grind just the right amount every
time without pre-weighing your beans.

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