The Barn - Juanachute 250 Grams

The Barn - Juanachute 250 Grams

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Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Roast: Filter
Producer: Tacho Castro
Altitude: 1600 Meters
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Anaerobic

Juanachute is one of the top anaerobic coffees from The Barn. 

Tarrazu is one of the key coffee growing areas in Costa Rica. Volcanic soil, high elevation and individual processing mills on most farms are laying out perfect conditions. Tacho Castro is passionate about his innovative anaerobic process. Passionfruit, cherry and cinnamon with a back-palate of dark chocolate which makes it sweet and medium acidity.

This 11 hectares farm is named after Tacho´s grandmother, Juana, who was nicknamed "Chute". Being a total processing nerd, Tacho started experimenting with new coffee processing techniques several years ago. Which gave him a clear advantage in his anaerobic process that we love. 

The anaerobic process keeps the super ripe coffee cherries in a sealed tank so that oxygen cannot enter the fermentation process. This takes several days and creates the fantastic flavor profiles we experience with our Juanachute lot.

After the long, slow drying on raised beds the coffee is rested in parchment for up to two months so it can continue to absorb flavor from the mucilage.