Proud Mary - CHOCOLATE BUNNIES BLEND - Espresso 250g

Date: 18/04/2022
Sale price5.750 KWD


TASTING NOTES: Chocolate, chocolate, & more chocolate

PRODUCER: 50% Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas Natural | 50% Honduras Nahun Fernandez Pacas & Catuai Natural

PROCESS: Natural



ESPRESSO: Ratio 1:2.5

Easter is one of those special times of year, where we ideally get to kick-back, relax, and enjoy some time with friend and family, maybe even host your first Easter brunch in two years.

To celebrate, we're releasing our very first Easter Blend, Chocolate Bunnies.
Containing two naturally processed coffees, from some of our longest producer relationships; Mantiqueira de Minas in Brazil, and Nahun Fernandez in Honduras, this blend was designed with a very specific flavour profile in mind - CHOCOLATE TO THE MAX!

Chocolate Bunnies evokes memories of Easter morning, hunting around the house for eggs with chocolate inside ... or maybe finding a basket with a chocolate bunny you eat, starting ears first! You deserve to feel that in a coffee!

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