Peru Cubas & Rioja 200g - Filter

Date: 20/05/2024
Sale price6.000 KWD


Notes : Raisins, Prunes, Black Tea

In the last years, Cajamarca has stood out for the quality of its coffees, and within it, the district of Huabal has played a leading role as it has been the cradle of high quality coffees that have been recognized nationally and internationally. This could not be otherwise, because the geographical and climatic characteristics of Huabal and the dedication of its producers lend themselves to producing coffees with great body, complexity and flavor. Located in the north of Peru, Huabal rises between 1700 and 2000 meters above sea level, with maximum temperatures that oscillate between 12 °C and 22 ° C. With a rugged geography, Huabal is home to cloudy forests that still prevail today and that play a great role providing water to nearby rivers and streams; and that are the habitat of flora and fauna species, such as monkeys, deer, birds and forest species of economic and conservation importance. All these climatic and geographical conditions make that Huabal coffee acquires great qualities.


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