Panama Intergalactic 250g - Omni

Date: 10/04/2024
Sale price12.000 KWD


The Lamastus family have been growing coffee in the Boquete region of Panama for over 100 years and have won the Best of Panama competition five times with their Geisha! Wilford Lamastus and his son, Wilford Jr., manage the family's three farms high up in the cloudy rainforest of the Boquete region, on the edge of the Volcan Baru National Park. This Catuai from Elida Estate was processed using Wilford's own anaerobic slow dry (ASD) method. First, the coffee cherries are fermented in a sealed tank for five days before being dried on raised beds for 45-60 days. This is a much longer drying time than traditional naturals and results in a very complex cup with dark fruit notes and a sparkling acidity. 

NOTES : Cherry, Plum, Chocolate and Winey

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