OJO Brazil Espresso Medium 200g

Date: 14/07/2022
Sale price5.500 KWD



Classic espresso, full-bodied, sweet and hardly acidic. For every day and also great as a cappuccino and for fully automatic machines. Our beginner specialty coffee ;)


TASTING NOTE  Chocolate Cake, Hazelnut, Brown Sugar



REGION  São Gonçalo do Sapucaí

ART Arabica

VARIETY Local varieties such as Mondo Novo and Catuai

TREATMENT  natural


CONTENT 200 grams


To the cooperative APAS

The Brasil espresso is a blend of coffees from different members of the APAS cooperative. 69 members have formed to market their coffee together under the APAS brand. In the region of São Gonçalo do Sapucaí, they  grow a wide variety of varieties and are always successful with the cooperative, but also as individual producers in coffee competitions such as the Cup of Excellence. The coffee cherries for the APAS blend were dried on the patio and then mechanically depulped. This post-harvest process underlines the nutty and chocolatey notes of this coffee. The cooperative is currently in the process of converting to organic production and will be supplying organic-certified coffee from 2023.

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