Kawa Ethiopia Samii Bensa 200g - Filter

Date: 15/06/2022
Sale price5.000 KWD


Notes: White tea - Lemon - Jasmine.

A juicy and fruity Ethiopian coffee for a fragrant and sweet filtered cup.
Variety      74160
Washed Method   
Farm    Bensa Washing Station
Rating         88+

Bensa Washing Station

Bensa is a washing station located in Sidamo with 800 active farmers who deliver cherries. This washing station belongs to Testi Coffee Exporters.

Sidamo is a well-known region. That said, with the privatization of the coffee industry in Ethiopia over the past 3 years, new areas, municipalities and sub-regions have developed. This explains why some farmers are moving from Sidamo to a smaller region called West Arsi.

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