Kawa Burundi Businde 200g

Date: 06/09/2022
Sale price5.000 KWD


A gourmet coffee from Burundi with notes of guava, praline and nougat to enjoy as a filter!
     Bourbon Red Variety
   Natural Method
     Businde Cooperative
    Rating 86+


Businde is a station run by Matraco Coffee, located in the northern province of Kayanza, near the Rwandan border. This is a station that largely reaches local coffee growers, processing cherries from 650 farming families. As a washing station, it is important to consider the payment of the workers who process the cherries as well as the price received by those who grew them.

To help recycle coffee pulp, Matraco distributes this compost as fertilizer to support local farmers. At the same time, they assist local farmers with their yields by donating plants to their coffee growers.

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