iSi Nitro Whip 1L Stainless Steel Body

Sale price60.000 KWD


  • Nitro Whip offers a way to create Nitro coffee, tea and cocktails at the table setting or bar side; use only iSi Nitro charger
  • The Nitro Whip provides a simple process for infusing Nitrogen gas into liquid for nitro brew coffee, nitro teas and cocktails; just fill the Nitro Whip with cold liquid, charge with one iSi Nitro charger, shake and dispense for a spectacular cascading effect, making each beverage unique
  • Nitrogen creates a velvety creamy texture and long lasting foamy head for brews and cocktails; Nitro Whip allows dispensing fresh for every serving and the closed system allows the brew to remain unchanged for several days in the refrigerator
  • NSF approved, stainless steel bottle, designed for professional use; non-slip silicone grip on head and charger holder; specifically designed valve safely regulates nitrogen gas pressure and introduction in to the bottle

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