Friedhats Indonesia Uwu 03 250g - Espresso

Date: 24/11/2022
Sale price7.000 KWD


We have two coffees from the Tuang Processing Centre, the Kamala Uwu 04 and this one, the Pucuk Uwu 03. Coming from Uwu (Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara), this coffee is grown at 1400 - 1600 masl and underwent an anaerobic honey process, meaning the cherries are left with a sticky coating of pulp before fermentation.

The Uwu 03 was probably in part the inspiration for Katy Perry’s 2010 Billboard Hit ‘Firework’ - with notes of fireworks, spice, and dark chocolate. We cannot confirm this but we’re also not a big enough company for her to file a suit against us. So we’ll see.

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