Power kit for Comandante Coffee Grinder - rubberwood

Sale price80.000 KWD


It is a device that makes the best coffee hand mill Comandante easier to use. It is shaped like an octagonal rod made of natural wood, and can be ground on a Comandante to grind coffee beans.


    ㅇ Material: Walnutwood
    ㅇ Rotation speed: 100rpm (It takes about 45 seconds to grind 20g coffee beans when the Comandante click is 30)
    ㅇ Electrical specification : AC 100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)
    ㅇ Plug type : UK or EU
    ㅇ High-quality oil finish for wood
    ㅇ It is optimized for Comandante c40 and Comandante ironheart.

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