GAWOODY Motor Kit for 1Zpresso Strong (Rubberwood)

Sale price89.000 KWD


It is an electrical device that automatically rotates the 1Zpresso coffee grinder, the best coffee hand mill. It is made of natural wood and can be used simply on a grinder. It looks very simple, but there is an automatic axis alignment device inside, so it minimizes shaking.



    ㅇ Material: Rubberwood

    ㅇ Rotation speed

        - General motor: 100rpm

        - High-speed motor: 160rpm

    ㅇ Electrical specification : AC 100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)

    ㅇ High-quality oil finish for wood

    ㅇ It is optimized for the 1Zpresso K-series(K-plus and K-pro.)

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