Ethiopia Chelbesa 250g - Filter

Date: 18/03/2024
Sale price8.500 KWD


Chelbesa is a beautiful, classic Ethiopian washed coffee. Enjoy the flavours of Jasmin, mandarine and black tea in the silky mouthfeel.

 Chelbesa coffee is coming from Gedeo Zone and is exported by SNAP company. SNAP is working since more than 10 years on coffee sector, choosing to propose high quality coffees for international market. Chelbesa coffee reveals nice aromas and comes from a beautiful natural environment in Yirgacheffe appellation.

  • Process: Washed
  • Roasters:  MAME
  • Roasting Type:  Filter
  • Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • Variety:  Heirloom
  • Quantity: 250gm

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