Three Coffee Ethiopia Bombe SPSV 250g - Espresso

Date: 09/06/2022
Sale price6.000 KWD


This is one of the most exciting Ethiopian coffees we sourced this year. Being a single plantation, single varietal (SPSV) coffee, it is incredibly rare for Ethiopia. Going through a layered (Aerobic + Anaerobic) fermentation as it was processed as a natural, it displays notes that are complex and layered. When the cherries are harvested they're hand sorted so that only the ripest and sugar dense cherries make it into the lot. The chosen cherries are then placed in thick layers and dried in shade, extending their drying time to 21+ days. The layering causes a mix of anaerobic and aerobic fermentation, intensifying its fruited notes. Expect a complex but well structured cup that displays everything from citrus, stone and tropical fruits along with berries and dried fruit.

Purple Sweetness & Flavour

A complex cup profile producing notes of Florals, Chocolates and Deep, Purple Fruits

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